Welcome to the “Venerable Order of the Knights of the Sacred Principle of the Holy Sepulchre” (or of Seborga)

The Venerabilis Equester Ordo Sancti Principatus Sancti Sepulchri (V.E.O.S.P.S.S.), is known in English as the “Venerable Order of the Knights of the Sacred Principle of the Holy Sepulchre” (or of Seborga), and may be more informally called the Order of the White Knights of Seborga. This Order is a magisterial, sovereign, chivalric institution that is the heir to the Cistercian monastic knighthood. The Order, after centuries of activity and in consideration of current regulations on associations in Italy, decided to request (and to eventually obtain) legal recognition.

The Order’s existence has always been intertwined with that of the Principality of Seborga, of which it constitutes an enduring component having important spiritual value.

Historically, the Grand Prior has often been elected to the office of Prince, whereas on other occasions for a variety of contingent reasons the spiritual and political responsibilities were administered by two different individuals. One of these reasons occurred when the candidate for Prince was not a Knight. In other cases, the Grand Prior did not want to deal with government and secular issues.

The Order is called the “Holy Sepulchre” since in ancient times this place was called “Castrum Sepulchri” (Castle near the Sepulcher). Indeed, a series of Church documents refer to Seborga as “sepulchrum” (sepulcher), and there are various hypotheses about why Seborga has acquired this appellation.

The V.E.O.S.P.S.S. is a sovereign institution of chivalrous character with a military tradition. In fact, in the Middle Ages, it was not part of the so-called “Hospitaller” chivalric code but of the “Combatants.” Today the Order functions in a manner that, although updated in light of the needs of contemporary society in the third millennium, directly refers to those of the “Paupera Militia Christi” of Hugues de Payns. This is in accordance with the intentions of St. Bernard de Clairvaux, while being open even to married people who may want to live according to the spiritual chivalrous experience.

An unshakeable faith in Christ, loyalty to the roman Pope, but also a lifestyle characterized by discipline, humility, obedience, charity, and self-denial, are necessary requirements in order to be accepted to take the path of V.E.O.S.P.S.S.

In our contemporary society, which is materialistic, relativistic, and poorly attentive to the problems of the spirit, being part of the Order represents a clear choice for becoming an active participant in promoting the forces of Light.

It is not by coincidence that the motto chosen by the Grand Prior Bro Diego Beltrutti is in fact “For Xtum ad Lucem” (reaching Christ through the Light).

The historical site of the Order is situated in the ancient Principality of Seborga, Via Antonio Maccario, 9 – 18012 Seborga (IM), while the headquarters for Italy is located in Busca, Via Roberto d’Azeglio, 3 – 12022 Busca (CN), Italy.